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t3 Wireless is one of the most respected wireless integrators.  Since the beginning of t3 Wireless, we have always let the project needs determine the direction of the equipment used to provide the best results.   Recently, we have added a Chief Networking Engineer, Sean Nobles to provide the same services you've known us for - from wireless to Wi-Fi and networking.   We provide:

  • - Wireless backbone capacity audits - get more out of your existing infrastructure
  • - Wired network engineering design
  • - Existing network tuning and optimization
  • - Wi-Fi site surveys - find and eliminate dead spots and poor performance or increase client density
  • - Wi-Fi network design - wireless network performance requires proper up front planning and design.
  • - Locate and Eliminate Wi-Fi interference sources
  • - Unknown device locations?  Let us identifyWireless Access Point locations
  • - Wired and wireless network security audits

Discuss your project with our wireless and network engineers today to refine or validate your design.  



Great Wi-Fi starts with Great Design.  

Our Design process:

 Predictive Survey

 Our predictive wireless survey is a predictive model based on information such as the building map, wall types, ceiling types and heights, estimated density of users, etc. This survey generates a simulated heat map with locations of the wireless access points.  This survey is imperative to predict the behavior of the RF environment and is recommended before finalizing the purchase order.

On-Site Pre-Survey

The On-Site RF Survey validates the access point placement of the predictive model or existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. This survey reads actual signal strength and other attributes of the live RF environment and provides us with the ability to fine tune the installation.  This is a very important step to maximize the performance of your Wi-Fi infrastructure.  If a Wi-Fi  infrastructure is already installed, the On-Site RF Survey builds a visual map of how your customer's devices will perform on your wireless network.

Wi-Fi Network Optimization

Insight gained from the On-Site RF Survey is applied to the existing infrastructure to squeeze the absolute best performance from your Wi-Fi infrastructure investment.  Sometimes we are even able to leave all gear exactly where it was originally installed and only a few minor configuration changes are necessary to turn a network that is crippled and unusable into a high-speed, satisfying experience for your customers. Optimization doesn't stop at the edge of your Wi-Fi network; our engineers will also review your wired network and make recommendations.

t3 Wireless understands that your communication infrastructure is greater than the sum of its parts.  That's the difference between a reseller and a solutions partner.  That's the t3 Advantage.


The t3 Advantage

The t3 Advantage is a turn-key secure, scalable wireless solution ideal for small or large deployments.  This solution incorporates truly military-grade cyber security at a small business price.  t3 Advantage wireless access points maximize density, performance, and network control for ease of use and ‘set it and forget it’ configuration.  Let t3 worry about the configuration and support of your wireless infrastructure.  That’s the t3 Advantage.

Wireless Features

-  Deep control of applications used by your customers

- Throttle services such as YouTube and Netflix so a few users cannot take up all of your internet bandwidth

-  Less hardware required for greater coverage = cost savings

-  Adaptive wireless technology that will not require upgrade for years to come

Security Features

-  Network based antivirus – Not client based

-  Intrusion Detection/Prevention

-  Website filtering whitelist that instantly blocks sites identified as malicious

-  All of these services are maintained and updated in real time by a network of over 200 security engineers working around the clock  


Why worry about security? 

Unfortunately, many wireless deployments are not focused on security until a security incident occurs.  Security incidents can range from unauthorized access to a data breach.  Whether the deployment is for a school, a stadium or a coffee shop, data breaches are a real threat.  If an attacker steals passwords from your wireless users and that venue is identified as the source of the attack, it will not only damage the victim but can damage your business’s reputation as well.  Protect your customers with a Secure Turn-key Wi-Fi deployment.  Protect them with the t3 Advantage.